CESC 2017

CESC 2017 3rd International Conference on Communication and Education in Knowledge Society 9 - 10 November 2017 Timisoara, Romania

Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, Department of Educational Sciences and Faculty of Political Sciences, Philosophy and Communication, Department of Philosophy and Communication organise

3rd International Conference on Communication and Education in Knowledge Society.

Building on the success of the previous two editions of the International Conference “Communication and Education in Knowledge Society”, we invite you to the third edition of the conference, held at the West University of Timisoara, on 9 -10 November 2017.
The proposed focus of the 2017 edition of the Conference is on the theme of Collective capacity building (CPB). As it becomes increasingly evident that the challenges and problems in developing a knowledge based society are exponentially more resilient to traditional approaches to change focusing on regulating the skills and capacity set attributable to the individual, this year’s conference proposes stimulating reflection and dialogue on how could collective capacity building increases the progress, in some of the most complex educational, social, cultural, geopolitical and economic issues today.
Our purpose is to address specific questions within the five main frames of the conference: communication, education, international relations, political sciences, and applied philosophy.

What are the meanings of collaboration for communication and educational theory and practice?
What are the tools and what are the rules of CPB in various contexts of practice?
How can research inform collective capacity building in response to complex, manifold problems of education today?
What are the implications for educational research?
What for educational policy?
What for assessment?